Film is about showing, rather than telling.

So let’s show you a little about what goes on in our collaborative client process.


Consult + Develop

From the first point of contact, our approach is grounded in purpose. We’ll have an initial chat about your project, and what you want your film to achieve. Perhaps you want to engage your existing audience, introduce a new project or product, or reach out to a new market. After we’ve discussed the basics, we’ll be in touch to map out the best way forward. 


Craft + Create 

Using the information you’ve provided, and our own film know-how, we’ll pitch you our creative concept coupled with a detailed timeline breakdown. Next, we’ll get busy pulling strings behind the scenes, organising the who, what and where of the upcoming shoot. 


Record + Capture

Shoot days run like a well-oiled machine. Our crew will collect all footage and assets required, as per our preproduction documents. We use cinema grade equipment to ensure that your project, service or brand is front and centre. 


Assemble + Edit 

After an initial editing period, we’ll present you with a rough cut. This is before we’ve done any fine tuning; it’s just to make sure that we’re on the same page. Once that has your tick of approval, we can give it the full post production treatment, including a final cut, sound mixing, and colour grading. 


Deliver + Promote

We’ll hand over the final films via post or online link, whichever you prefer. We’re also happy to upload the end product to your social channels, so you can post at your convenience, as well as give you some pro tips about how to generate a little more online buzz. If your video is intended for broadcast, you can leave the submissions to CAD and Adstream to us.