We are Red Fox Films

We create sincere and conceptual stories about some pretty wonderful people.

Specifically, we communicate the authentic spirit of our clients’ messages through video, from the original distilled idea through to the final flourish. We work with interesting folk who have stories to tell, be they brands, musicians, creatives, agencies or independents. 

We are ideas people, design people, and branding people. That means that our films hit the brief whichever way you look at them—conceptually, visually, and strategically. Simply put, we’re the whole kit and caboodle under the one roof. 

We like films that make us feel. The ones that spark that ember of emotion, of shared experience, of connection. A common story told and understood through our lens. We think that’s pretty nifty, and our clients tend to agree. 

We’ll throw everything we’ve got at projects of all sizes. While we’re known for our work across business, education and the arts, our driving passion is to tell stories from all walks of life.

We are Red Fox Films, and welcome to our collection of work.